Full Version: Camping, June13,14
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Thinking about Kinuso Falls, Two Lakes or Pierre Gray. Fishing or wheeling weekend.
HMMM... I run it by the wife, we've be on a stay-cation so far this year.... Wink
Always when the French guy is working... Catfight
Well, too rainy to take the camper anywhere I wanted to go this weekend. I guess I gotta stay dry in the shop and work on toys.
I went to do the bush bash enduro in Hudson hope last minute. Was fun, I'm still sore.... Wink
Where do they hold that? Up by the sand dunes towards the dam?
You bet. 11 mile loop, Winner did it in like 17mins. I was closer to an hour.... Big Grin Some crazy rooted hill climbs and loose boldery desents. Crashed my A$$ off. It was a good time and I didn't come in last! Wink
Nice. You're crazy.