Full Version: Hello Grande Prairie.
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Hey all ...

  My name is Johno, I moved here from Victoria last September looking to meet new people and go wheeling.  I don't have a rig right now but im always down for a ride along till i find a new rig. 
here are some pics of my old Jeep.

98 TJ  
When i got it
[Image: IMG_0252.jpg] 
2inch BDS lift and 34s
[Image: 27-07-08_1742.jpg]
[Image: 25-06-08_1721.jpg]
[Image: jeeps.jpg]
after the frame off resto 35s
[Image: IMG00140-20100821-1711.jpg]
Beating the fresh rebuild
[Image: ToughTruckSept17-11-684.jpg]
[Image: ToughTruckSept18-11-298.jpg]
[Image: ToughTruckSept18-11-294.jpg]
[Image: ToughTruckSept18-11-475.jpg]

and then i got rid of it when i moved out here and have been missing it ever since...
Welcome to the site!!
Looked sick ! Hello
Whoah that'd be fun to watch in person. Welcome to the site.
Finally got myself a 4x4 
2007 tacoma offroad
does anyone use this site anymore?
(03-27-2018, 12:58 AM)Johno Wrote: [ -> ]does anyone use this site anymore?

seems not very often, but every now and then someone crawls out of the swamp... Big Grin
Everything happens on Face Book these days. even I forget about this site.
Just a few people lurk around here still! Still would prefer this over facebook though.
Ya, its a tough transition. the club is still strong with it's members, even though it doesn't look like it on here. Many of us communicate lots through FB. The local wheeling hasn't been as strong, growing families and work keep many people busy. We still meet in Grande Cache in August, and members from Fort Mac, Edmonton, GP and the soon to be Calgary chapter meet to race Ultr4 with True North Racing.That takes us to central Alberta and Southern California.

It would be nice to get someone in GP that can get this chapter going again, I don't have time or any kind of schedule to make regular runs happen. only seem to get out a few times a year, and it's all short notice stuff.