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Mark and I just attended a dialog session with ESRD and Alberta Environment regarding OHV land use
They invited 33 groups, there where only 15 people that attended. The invitation was for two people from each group, so it was not a very good showing.
It was cool to stand up and mention TNT's 7 chapters in front of other groups and the government reps. Although it seems we don't do a whole lot sometimes, I am still proud of this clubs members and their ideals.
Basically, the government has realized that OHV use is not going away, and is actually a strong industry creating jobs and an economy of it's own. They want to get a better relationship with the land users and find a way to promote education to stop the issues such as dumping, driving in water courses, mud bogging, destructive riding etc.

It was a good meeting, they put a lot of effort into making it interactive, which leads me to believe they really do want to work with us. They also recreate like we do, the area manager rides a dirt bike and just went to Moab.

I think we need to keep in contact with the other groups that use the areas we enjoy in order to keep them open and help educate users and enforcement officials.

I will post up the three discussion questions they asked us and see what you members come up with.
Thanks for your input
Discussion 1
What approaches do you think the government of AB should use to create awareness within the Motorized Recreation Community in the Peace Country to be successful in achieving the Public Lands Enforcement Committee priorities?
1. Motorized vehicles and water bodies.
- keep out of the water and wet lands

2. Random camping on public land occurring beyond 14 days ( including Squatters)

3. Damage or loss to public lands
(Camping garbage, party garbage, landscape impacts and abuse)
Discussion 2
What approaches do you think the motorized recreation community would support that would be successful in working towards achieving the awareness about the Public Lands Enforcement Committee priorities?

- is the motorized community interested in supporting the PLEC priority awareness messages?
- what approaches would you support or recommend in working with the Government?
- what are the barriers and/or issues?
- what are the opportunities and/or benefits?
- what initiatives would you suggest be tried first?
Discussion 3
What do you think the future of motorized recreation should look like in the peace country (or your area)?

- other natural management priorities:
Conservation, preservation and protection, resource extraction, social, economic and environmental benefits.
- Improving designating land use for compatible activities to reduce conflict?
- Motorized vs non-motorized?
- Desired experiences and outcomes?
- Others?
161 views and no opinions?
Discussion 1

Random camping- I did a pile of random camping down around Nordegg and west of Rocky. I was told by the local authority, they like to see us move around every 14 days to give other people a chance at the spot you happen to be in. I thought that was a good idea. share it up a little!

Discussion 3

In the spirit of sharing. I don't agree with designating land areas for specific activities. I am sure there is a way for everyone to use everywhere together. Otherwise it will turn into an unofficial Provincial Park. They are doing that down by Nordegg and west of Cut Off creek. All that did was kick all the motorized users out of some really nice riding areas. Witch pushes all the atv's into a smaller area and more intensive "abuse" of a concentrated area.

Just a few of my thoughts.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
We need more awareness about 'mud bogging' and people messing about in permanent water bodies. I know I'm a bit late to this post but the ignorance of people thinking it's ok to use the creek as a wash method, or thinking bogging is ok, is astounding....
Signs posted at popular trail heads, and at atv dealers would go a long way..."keep your areas open, respect the land" or some such....
I agree Paul, good to see you here again.
Could just shut down the "Off road areas" to non club members.................
(07-23-2017, 08:27 PM)Sheldon Wrote: [ -> ]I agree Paul, good to see you here again.

I lurk pretty much every week, just don't post much....